The success of Finland Internation Improv Festival relies on local companies. And you all know how much we love vibrant and energetic companies that promote Tampere to the world. With their help we can offer the best flavors Tampere has to offer to all of you participating in FiiF2018. We’re so thankful to have the support of companies that share the big dreams we do.

Pyynikki beers

Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo is a Craft Brewery from Tampere, founded in 2013 and ever since they’ve been busy! They brew their beers and ciders boldly and with love while honouring traditions. They want to offer something different to the consumer. They have been winning awards left and right, read more here.

Despite their rapid growth they cherish their Artisan roots. In addition to their 4000 liter brewing equipment they also use a 400 litre equipment to brew special beers. With larger production capabilities they aim to satisfy more customers and serve grocery stores, restaurants and liquor stores better. They are promising to create a lot of new products. Their product range gets bigger as they continue to brew made to order craft beers for restaurants, companies and our heroes. Pyyniki Craft Bewery takes pride on quality, and each batch goes trough laboratory quality control.

The secret to their awesome beer selection is revealed in their website: “We also have a secret agreement with Pyynikki area elves and magic creatures. Some have even suspected that a few of our staff members are ancient elves disguised as modern every day men.”

Thank you for your generous gift!

Linkosuo rye chips

 A big surprise awaited for us the other day: Our office was attacked by Linkosuo rye chips and love! It’s fair to say they will be the official snack of FiiF2018. Rye chips might seem like a cool new idea for you, but for Finland it is a natural continuation of the super healthy finnish rye bread that we all love!

Wanna know a bit more about this awesome Tampere based bakery?
The Linkosuo story starts in 1936, when Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo established their own bakery and café. It was located in the same building as Hotelli Emmaus in Tampere, right across from the Tampere railway station. Aarne ran the bakery in a working room in the inner courtyard of the building, while Elsa managed the shop along the busy Rautatienkatu street.

The Emmaus bakery mainly made and sold confectioneries. 1968 was one of the milestones in the history of Linkosuo: it saw the establishment of the modern, industrial  bakery which became the pioneer of the Finnish bakery industry. The idea of fresh rye bread pre-cut in half comes from the Mannakorpi bakery, which was the first rye bread to be packed like that in Finland, in 1972.

Linkosuo entered the international market already halfway through the 1970s with the small and crispy rye product Väinämöinen Rye Buttons, followed by, in accordance with the new strategy, Rye Crisps in 2009 and Rye Chips in 2016. Little by little, Linkosuo has become an expert on crispy bread products.

Thank you for your generous gift! We’ll share your tasty treats with everyone in #FiiF2018