Text by Anna Haavisto

The festival is now well and truly over but it was a wild success! Everyone had the time of their lives and thanks have been pouring over us from all directions! So, now is the time we offer our heartfelt thanks to those who supported our festival in all sorts of ways. Be it by giving products to eat up and drink in (Because, let’s face it, everything is always made better by food and drink. Even improv festivals!) or by providing other products or offering a discount at a restaurant. So, here we go!



Pullapuoti Wilenius

In the heart of the city of Tampere, in the market hall on Hämeenkatu, there is a bakery shop called Pullapuoti Wilenius. We and especially the performers were grateful for the magnificent amounts of buns, pastries, croissants, Karelian pies etc. that they gave us and we got to stuff our faces with! They kept us going through performances in the late hours of the night! Learn more about their products in www.pullapuotiwilenius.com and they are also at www.facebook.com/PullapuotiWilenius/ and www.instagram.com/pullapuotiwilenius/

Nordic Brewery

A great local microbrewery who gave us beers and boy were they good! Nordic Brewery (www.gastropub.net/brewery) brew their beers using traditional recipes and it has paid off! Those of us who drank them definitely developed a taste for more! Cheers! Online you can also find them at www.facebook.com/nordicbrewery/ and www.instagram.com/nordic_brewery/


Punnitse & Säästä Rautatieasema

Of the same chain as It’s Pure, Punnitse & Säästä at the railway station gave us gingerbread, sugar free coconut chocolate, dried papaya and assorted chocolate snacks for the performers to nibble on during breaks! Yummy! www.facebook.com/PunnitseTampereRautatieasema/

S-Market Kaleva

With a very positive attitude, this grocery store on Sammonkatu in Kaleva endowed us with chips, cheese snacks and candy! These were the figurative icing on the cake at our Sauna After Party and made the whole experience even more enjoyable for everyone involved!

S-Market Pendoliino

If we didn’t already have a sugar high (and maybe salt high too…) more chips and candy came our way from this grocery store on Pakkahuoneenaukio near the Tampere railway station! But you don’t hear us complaining, no sir! They had a very supportive attitude towards our festival and we are much obliged!



Alleduuri, on Aaltosenkatu, on the edge of market square Tammelantori, is a cosy cafe where everything is gluten free and also mostly vegan. With the theme of “Finland” they baked us a bilberry pie! The taste of the Finnish forests was well received, we can tell you, and not a crumb remained! Check them out online at www.facebook.com/alleduuri/ , www.instagram.com/alleduuri or at www.alleduuri.fi or better yet, go and have a nice cup of coffee and some bilberry pie on location!


It’s Pure Keskustori

One of the first ones to get on board with us was Finland’s first It’s Pure store in Tampere central square. Specializing in ethical and ecological products, they gave us delicious organic chocolate and some crunchy protein bars for the performers to snack on in the green room! Sweet! www.facebook.com/itspuretamperekeskustori/ and www.instagram.com/itspure_tre_keskustori



High Peak Finland Oy

Founded in 1998, this promotional item company is one of the largest of its kind in Finland and has a 100 % Finnish ownership. Their product range is truly extensive! With a supply of over 10 000 items, they have everything from office supplies and electronics to beauty products and golf equipment. The basis of their work is professional representatives and personalized services, with your needs in mind. If your company wishes to give their customers a joy inducing business gift or a give away, the good people at High Peak are the ones to help you choose the right one!

High Peak has offices in Tampere and Espoo and it’s one of the 20 worldwide members of The WAGE Group (World Advertising Gifts Exchange) and the only one in Finland.

We got an array of goods from High Peak!

  • Comfy t-shirts, which the staff and players were happy to wear while working or performing.
  • A roll-up (with a breathtaking photo of improviser Chris Mead) to guide people.
  • Lanyards that held the player passes around people’s necks.
  • Bags with our logo for keeping people’s stuff with then while they hopped from one place to another.
  • Pens for writing down what everyone learned in the workshops.

And of course you can find them online at www.highpeak.fi , www.instagram.com/highpeakfinland/ or at www.facebook.com/HighPeakFinland/  

Tampereen Laserma Oy

All our posters, that you saw around town prior to the festival, were from a Tampere based printing company called Laserma. They are a long time partner of our festival and in addition to posters they also printed our flyers, tickets and player passes! A big thanks from the bottom of our hearts goes out to you!



A great thank you to all the restaurants that gave our participants discounts! Here you are:

Enormous thanks to all of you who partnered up with us! It truly made a difference. The participants of the festival had a much more delightful experience than they ever would have had without your support! You can be sure that everyone went home with a warm feeling. A feeling that they were taken care of. And you made it possible. Thank you! Such fun!