Artistic Director  Executive Producer

In elementary school he was the kid who often wore matching teal sweat pants and sweatshirt. The shirts usually had an iron-on wolf or eagle on them. Trentasaurus, has been doing improv since 2002. When not teaching, performing improv or working for FiiF you’ll find him chilling with his dog Effi or singing. He gets some extra boosts of energy from Hip Hop.




Executive Producer

Vikki watches endless amounts of YouTube videos when bored and like many Finns he goes to the summer cabin when he needs a break from reality. In case you want to stalk him, he frequents in Finlayson and Pispala. The last song she sang in the shower was “Breadwinner” by Everything Everything.




You will recognize her from her distinctive laughter, which seems to get louder with every improv show she attends or performs. When she doesn’t do improv she watches old movies like “Who framed Roger Rabbit” or stands in a street corner, watches people and tries to guess if they are happy or not. The last song she sang in the shower was “Cry me a river” by Ella Fitzgerald.




Marketing Producer

She’s a crazy cat lady and when not working for FiiF she plays adventure video games and reads books like “Three” by Sarah Lotz. Dee is the only team member who has never done improv. Maybe because as a teenager, she offered lots of laughter to everyone having braces, big glasses and messy hair. Lately she constantly sings along to “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes.




Press Producer

She has been doing improv for 7 years and currently reads Ryan Millar’s “Take it easy” book about improv. Rebe lives with two cats and knits when bored and goes to the forest or dives in the frozen lake to recharge her batteries. When she was in high school she made a really embarrassing short movie about soldiers that turned into hippies. The last song she sang in the shower was “Hey Soul Sister” by Train.




Assistant Producer

Rene started doing improv at YesFinland last year but being born and raised in Mexico he has quite some experience improvising, adapting and overcoming. When not working for FiiF2018, you’ll find him nerding out in “Taverna” board game cafe or playing with his cat, Mr.Mymmeli who does a great Mongoose impression. Rene gets energized when learning something new, no matter the topic, if it’s a random fact that makes you go “ha!” he just loves it! He rarely sings in the shower, but just yesterday he found himself singing along “Express Yourself” from NWA.




Assistant Producer

Patrik has a thing for lakes, so he loves spending time on Pispala to enjoy the view of both lakes from the top of the hill. He’s been doing improv more or less actively for about 4 years now, both in Finnish and in English. He used to do more musical improv, accompanying players on the guitar, but nowadays you’ll see him on stage more.
He had his first kiss at 17 at a theatre rehearsal as part of a scene. And since it was a theatre rehearsal and he had no idea how to kiss, he really went for it Hollywood-style. People found it pretty hilarious, and he only later found out that’s not how you’re supposed to kiss…