JadaJada Improv was formed in 2011 when a small group of improvisers (one American, the rest Finnish) found that they had a mutual interest in performing improv in English in Finland. That same year JadaJada did its first show in Tampere, and has been performing there monthly ever since. New members have been included along the way as well. What makes JadaJada special is the mix of cultural and artistic backgrounds of their members. Some JJ players have extensive experience from the Finnish theater scene, with emphasis on improvised plays, whereas others come from a background influenced by North American style free form improv. Our shows are mostly known for being funny with high energy, occasionally resulting in random weirdness on stage.
Personally I’ve developed a great deal as a performer by being a member of JadaJada. In addition to having an opportunity to perform regularly, I’ve gotten to know people with different approaches to improv. I’ve also had a chance to travel with JadaJada to several international improv festivals to both perform and learn more about improv.
FiiF was initially started as a JadaJada production, so JadaJada had a significant role in funding and promoting the festival. Nowadays FiiF and JadaJada are separate entities, but a close relationship between the two remains. Many JadaJada members are still actively involved in producing FiiF.
As for JadaJada, I hope that we will continue performing and developing as improvisers. And that we keep having lots of fun together.
Text by Tuure Pitkänen, member of JadaJada Improv