Months of hard work slowly come to an end. There is a lot of work behind every event, that as a visitor one rarely notices. Big issues and small details have to be dealt with early on and the organizers got to be prepared for everything. We worked around our personal schedules mostly from distance, but met regularly at the office. The team of 7 producers was enriched with just as many volunteers for the FiiF-week.

Itsy-Bitsy Personal Message And Thanks By Producer Anna
First time as a producer. This project took me so far outside my comfort zone that I had no other option but to grow. And grow I did. I learned new things about myself, what kind of a person I want to be and what kind of a person I do not want to be. All very cryptical but the bottom line is, I feel I’m more prepared to take on challenges then I was before and I already have some planned. I would like to thank Trent for taking me onboard this vessel called FiiF. It was an experience unlike anything I’ve experienced before and is unlikely to be surpassed except by next year’s FiiF! Also thanks to everyone I worked with in bringing this festival to life. I can’t name names because I’m bound to forget someone and I wouldn’t wish that horrific fate on anyone. I’m grateful to Martina Pavone for coaching and guiding the Improvvoicestra-ensemble that I was a part of! It was like a mini-adventure in the kind of improv I’ve never done before but was fascinated by and would love to do again! Everyone in the ensemble, I sincerely thank you. I had so much fun with all you wonderful people! We would not be anything without the audience so thank you all who came to watch us perform! We love you! Good night!

Itsy-Bitsy message from Producer Rene
Joining the producing team has been a mind blowing experience. I got to meet amazing people and see their interpretation of improv. Seeing so many different styles and formats has been extremely inspiring and makes me feel like I just can’t get enough and want to continue learning and growing more than ever. Being part of the Freestyle ensemble got me back to my first to my first improv class, where the “I’m terrified of this” feeling, quickly changed into a huge rush and ended up being an amazing experience. It was great to play with so many cool people. I would like to thank the production team, staff and every player and audience member. This festival was great and it was because of every single one of you. Hopefully improv in Tampere and all around the world will continue growing and we will continue meeting, learning from other improvisers and sharing the stage with awesome improvisers.

“This is a life changing festival. Thank you!” – Dan, Team Player

“I strongly recommend it! An amazing festival, so many good vibes, perfectly organized! It was a pleasure for me meeting you all, teaching, coaching and performing together! Thank you for everything!” – Martina Pavone, instructor

“Amazing festival, lovely people, it’s a must for anyone who loves improv!” – George, Team Player

“FiiF has great shows, great instructors and great staff.


However what really makes it stand out from the rest and has been there since the first FiiF is the community feeling and collaboration between improvisers from all over the world.
You are not there just to do your show or just to take workshops, but also to grow and expand on stage with mixer shows, improv karaoke and spontaneous shows held in the pub after the official program.” – Timo, FiiF Player

“From spectators point of view, brilliant shows, great diversity, excellent production. Keep up the good work, looking forward to next year.” – Väinö