We are proud to announce the 10 amazing workshop instructors coming to #FiiF2018!

As our network of improvisers keeps growing, we continue to find more and more talented people to come to Finland and share their knowledge. This year’s instructors come to us from every corner of the globe, each specializing in a unique field of improvisation. This year’s workshops cover everything from Improvised Plays and Archetypal Characters, to the Psychology of Improv and Women’s Inclusion in Improv. We are truly proud to offer the most eclectic range of workshops we’ve ever had at FiiF.

Please read below to learn more about the awesome workshops we have at FiiF2018, and the beautiful souls who are teaching them.


Austin, TX – USA


Kareem is a co-author of Do It Now: Essays on Narrative Improv.

Kareem Badr is the General Manager and one of the owners of The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX. He is a regular performer in The Hideout’s many shows, and is the creator and director of The Violet Underbelly, a tribute to classic film noir, and Kenjutsu, improvised plays that inspired by Akira Kurosawa and classic Japanese cinema. As a founding member of the award-winning improv group Parallelogramophonograph, he has toured and taught internationally, originated numerous original show formats, and pioneered the teaching of instinctual narrative storytelling. Kareem is a co-author of Do It Now: Essays on Narrative Improv.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate

CATEGORY: Character, Development, Structure, Narrative

This workshop will break down the process to improvising complete stories, regardless of genre and tone. Along the way it will demonstrate that narrative-based improv can be just as intuitive, joyous, and surprising as other improvisational forms. Students taking this workshop will learn a simple structure that all stories intrinsically follow and discover how to make use of that structure without it getting in the way. They will also learn how to identify and build the main character of a story, and what to do with that character once they know who they are.


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Character, Dynamics, Development

Learn how fun it is to be bad. This workshop will teach you how to play downright evil characters on stage that the audience will love to hate. It’s easy enough to play a 2-dimensional bad guy, but for true evil to shine in all its dark glory, your characters must be rooted in truth, and be unique individuals.

Learn to:
– Create a fully fleshed out origin for your villain
– React properly to evil actions done on stage
– Make your monsters more human
– Treat dark moments with the respect and patience they deserve



Everyone cheats. Everyone lies.

This Film Noir format draws inspiration from classic noir films and hard-boiled fiction to create a dirty, rotten world where everyone gets their hands dirty. A world where the rich are above the law and the poor operate below it.

Players will learn how to play out riveting scenes between all types of genre-specific characters including double-crossing detectives, cunning criminals, honest dames, lying broads, and careless thieves. Build your gritty world and then have fun getting dirty in it!


Austin, TX – USA


Even though she is the youngest member of the creative team, Kaci has directed more fully-realized improvised play concepts than anyone else at The Hideout Theatre
Kaci Beeler is an improviser, playwright, visual artist, and stage and film actor based out of Austin, TX. She has been performing improvisational theatre since 2003 and is a company member of the award-winning ensemble Parallelogramophonograph. She regularly performs, creates, and directs critically-acclaimed boundary-pushing improvised shows at The Hideout Theatre. Kaci has toured to over 45 cities and 7 countries including the UK, China, Korea, France, and Japan to perform and teach improv.

Kaci absolutely loves making rich and exciting worlds onstage alongside driven artists, and has garnered much critical acclaim and praise since she fell backwards into directing. She has studied and worked alongside improv luminaries such as Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Steven Kearin, Todd Stashwick, and Colleen Doyle and taught improvised theatre to students from Beijing to Melbourne, Dublin to Barcelona over the past 12 years. Her new theatre company American Berserk Theatre uses improv to create fresh and alive fully scripted productions.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Dynamics, Acting Tools

Want to go deeper with your characters and relationships in improv? Want to get comfortable touching and being touched by your fellow actors onstage? Whether you’re playing a husband and wife, brother and sister, or doctor and patient, you’re portraying an intimate relationship on stage – and the wealth of possibilities are endless as long as you truly connect with your partner. While we can’t create an entire backstory for every relationship we portray onstage, we can convey greater emotional weight and depth by allowing true humanity to shine through in our scene work. Close those distances on stage and get closer, you’ll feel more deeply connected to your scene partners and, surprisingly enough, yourself.



Taking inspiration from international smash hit young adult fiction such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Golden Compass, “Magical Adventure School Quest” creates a ridiculous underground magical world and school that our young protagonist must navigate after leaving their boring and unfulfilling childhood behind them.

Players will rehearse a variety of techniques to make memorable characters, chase compelling stories, and improvise with imagination. This format has lots of room for big characters, familiar relationships, and delightful genre tropes.

Impro ACT & Improvention Festival

Canberra, Australia


Nick has created over 20 longform formats that are played around the world, and is the Artistic Director of Improvention in Australia.
Nick Byrne is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Australia’s international festival of improvisation; Improvention. He is also the co-founder and Artistic Director of Canberra’s original improvisation company and only school, Impro ACT. The creator of more than 20 long form formats, he is best known as an innovator, with shows that cross boundaries between improvisation, performance-art, concert, impersonation.

In his hometown of Canberra, Australia, Nick has taught improvisation 3-4 classes a week for the last 14 years with Impro ACT, as well as for most of the nation’s significant institutions, including work with Olympic Athletes, to mentally prepare them for peak performance. Nick has taught, directed, and performed in; Gothenburg, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Singapore, Tokyo, Bucharest, Tallinn, and Taipei. As a teacher, Nick developes innovative strategies to help improvisers overcome worries, making the seemingly difficult simple and enjoyable. He knows for a fact that you are already enough, and seeks to share a special love and passion for what we do, that will make you believe it, too.



LENGTH: 3 Hours


CATEGORY: Scenic, Character,  Dynamics, Development, Structure, Mindset

This joyful workshop plays on the joke question asked by so many improvisers; “What’s the secret of improv?”.

Of course, there’s no one secret, and different ideas connect with different improvisers to help them become the best they can be. This workshop is simply a list of the exercises that Nick thinks are the most awesome examples of great improvisation that he has collected or developed over the years. These exercises encapsulate the most valuable concepts, and allow themselves to be achieved effortlessly and joyfully. They are the ones in which the most previous students have experienced that ‘wow’ factor, that inspires them to see themselves in a new light. It is an improv massage to rejuvenate and motivate you to reach new heights.


LENGTH: 6 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Scenic, Dynamics, Development, Mindset

How much do you really care about your scene partner? Concerned with the idea that we know we want to embrace the offers of others, “Unconditional Improv” has a focus on our scene partner, listening, observing, endowing them, etc, BUT these are practical measures to emulate actually caring about them. They do work: we do end up caring more about each other, and focussing on each other, but we can also do a range of work that more directly and honestly causes us to genuinely care about our scene partners, our audience, and ourselves, so that practical skillsets like embracing their offers and endowing them will occur completely naturally by default.

Unconditional Improv is a platform for good performance and for healthy group dynamics that influence good performance.


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Character, Dynamics, Development, Structure, Mindset

Your mind is a limitless stream of material, most of which you do not access or reveal to others. There are no ‘mental blanks’, only your choice, whether to listen to what is already in your head, and use it, or not. This is what makes you human, vulnerable, fascinating, and beautiful. It is what people will LOVE you for.

Beyond Creativity will help you release this unrivalled honesty, then re-incorporate it into scene work, to become a new way of communicating our inner reality, or simply building stronger emotional reactions in scenes, making both drama and comedy more truthful to an audience.

This work takes us beyond the intent to create, towards enjoying a deeper, more surprising self, as an extra skill-set in our improvisers’ tool box, useful in both short and long form.



Parallel is an unusual, movement-driven long-form where all players are on stage the entire show, using the entire space.

Players work in pairs, developing three different threads that are each a different perspective on any given human-interest topic, and never intersect. Frozen characters from other stories may be like a barrier between you and your partner, or an inanimate object to climb over. Sometimes the scenes all happen at once, and a moving character from another scene may sweep across to change your thought pattern or the atmosphere in your scene.

Ohana, The Ferocious Four

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Laura is a founding member of the Ohana project for young European improvisers. Also, her last name is a castle.
Laura is an Amsterdam-based teacher, performer and director. Laura is a specialist in improvisation with a background in theatre and dance. She has been teaching for 15 years, and ran her own drama school in the Netherlands for 9 years.

Laura travels the world, guesting at major festivals as an individual performer and tutor, and touring internationally with her ensemble shows The Ferocious Four, two-hander ME & MY EX, and the multi-lingual Ohana project. Laura recently returned from an ambitious North America tour. Laura loves biking, traveling, cats, pancakes, making lists, taking leaps, staying up late and sleeping in.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character

In this workshop you will learn how to bluff every profession. I will teach you the jargon of the mail sorter, the instruments of a surgeon or the technique of a sniper. All this will no longer be a secret for you.

In this workshop we will analyze a variety of different professions, focusing on language, movement, and attitudes of the tradesmiths. This is a very useful workshop to help bring more depth to your characters on stage! And as an added bonus, you will learn to smoothly combine movement and acting, improving your conviction while playing these character roles.


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Character

This workshop is about feeling. Nothing emotional or navel-gazing: this will just be about the sense of touch.

We are going to experiment with fun, physical exercises that will help develop your character work. What will happen to your movement if you tape 4 fingers together? And which character is a result from wearing a silky scarf?

This workshop is inspired by Somatic Costumes and will give you easy, clear techniques of getting connected to your body and be more present. You will discover what sensing will do with your impro. Expect to do little thinking, lots of moving, listen to music and just leap, discover and feel.



Pixar Improvised draws its inspiration from unique way Pixar stells its stories. Characters are flawed but cute, go on fantastic adventures and have feelings of joy, fear and need for freedom, just like we do in our real lives. Have you ever wondered what is happening in the kitchen drawers? How birds fall in love? Who is playing behind the clouds? Find out, in Pixar Improvised.

Players will explore the different ways of playing objects and animals, focusing on physicality, voices, movement. Then we dive into their everyday lives, exploring their daily habits, their wants, their needs, their relationships and their desires. We will disect the way Pixar approaches storytelling, acting and themes in these worlds. We will discover what is important in the world of a Lego brick, understand the unique relationship a swimming pool jas with a towel, and portray the journey of two hamsters breaking out of their cage.

Most of all, we’ll learn that playing objects and animals can set you free, taking you out of your head, into your body, and sparking the imaginations of player and audience alike.

The Ferocious Four

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


A trained psychologist, Kiki teaches doctors how to communicate with patients, a job that relies heavily on her improv training and the wonders of yes-and.
Kiki has taught improv for over a decade, both as an improv coach to a number of groups, and as a corporate trainer for Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago. Her improv journey began for Kiki in 2004 when an innocent birthday gift of a basic improv course bloomed into a full-on love affair with the art form. She also uses her background as a psychologist to teach applied improv to a range of groups: people with aphasia, increasing their non-verbal communication, children with autism, as a way to help them express themselves. She has worked as a dating coach, drawing on improv exercises to help people be more playful and open in their interactions.

Kiki enjoys using psychological theory to build three dimentional characters, and gets a kick out of watching students bring these characters to life on stage. Kiki performs the Ferocious Four, who improvise action comedies with an all-female cast, and with Themeprov at Amsterdam’s beloved Mezrab venue. She was born in Australia, grew up there, Sri Lanka and Belgium, and has lived for most of her life in Amsterdam.



LENGTH: 6 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced

CATEGORY: Character

This workshop uses three aspects of psychological theory to help deepen your character work:
First, we use Leary’s Rose to explore the dynamics of a two-person relationship, simultaneously play with status and connection. It sounds vague, but I promise you it’s a ton of fun (Leary is the dude who experimented with LSD at Harvard…)

Next, we use the personality traits from the NEO-PI to give you some fun tools to build realistic characters with. Channel your inner neuroticism, or be as agreeable as you can. How self-conscious can you be as a character on stage?

The final part of the workshop explores Axis 2 of the DSM – personality. We go through the theory and brainstorm the characters we know from books, film, and tv that fit the various profiles – you’ve seen a lot of them on Game of Thrones. We practice with our own versions of these personalities to explore how we can bring them to life on stage.


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginners, Intermediate,


In improv class and rehearsals, we often get feedback after the scene is done, giving us little to no chance of incorporating the notes immediately.

This workshop has you rewind the scene, trying different skills and playing with them immediately to see where they take you. Kiki helps you notice the patterns you get stuck in and offers plenty of side coaching to help you get the most of out your rehearsal time.


Austin, TX – USA


Roy is the Co-Owner & Artistic Director of The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX and has pretty much done improv nonstop since 2005.
Roy Janik is the Artistic Director, co-owner, and one of the core teachers of The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX. As Artistic Director, he schedules over 500 shows in a given year. He performs in many of the Hideout’s mainstage productions, and he is the creator and director of the critically-acclaimed shows Austin Secrets and. In addition to being a company member of the improv groups Parallelogramophonograph and Squirrel Buddies, he also spearheaded the creation of the Improvised Play Festival- the world’s first festival devoted exclusively to theatrical, narrative improv.

Since 2005, Roy Janik has taught, directed, hosted, coached, narrated, and scheduled improv, pretty much nonstop. He has traveled to over 45 cities worldwide to teach and perform, including Juneau (Alaska), Edinburgh (Scotland), and Melbourne (Australia). During that experience, he developed a deep love of narrative improv, and crystalized his thoughts on the role of playfulness in improvised theatre. The lesson he keeps learning is that there are always deeper layers to uncover in improv, and that it’s a neverending journey.



LENGTH: 3 Hours


CATEGORY: Scenic, Development

Agreement is a powerful and important element of improv. This workshop showcases how starting positive, staying on the same team, and beginning with agreement can propel you into a fun scene before you know it! Focus on staying together even during arguments and what might otherwise be considered negative scenarios.

We’ll be exploring techniques to combat the tendency we have as improvisers to introduce conflict willy-nilly. Simultaneously, we’ll be attacking playfulness with a vengeance… how to “follow the fun”, give your partner a good time, and sew mischief. Lastly, we’ll build an awareness of “The Second Show” concept- the idea that there are actually two things to watch with every improv show: 1) the scenes that are happening and 2) the relationship of the improvisers on stage.


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Scenic, Character, Dynamics

Learn to control the audience’s focus by becoming deliberate with your own. You will experience a series of exercises designed to hone your attention and heighten your awareness of yourself, the scene, and your ensemble as a whole. From twoperson scenes to huge group scenes, you’ll know exactly what’s happening with every person on stage.

Put another way: Think of the focus of a scene as a physical ball of glowing energy. If you’re talking about something that’s happening elsewhere, that’s where the ball is. If you’re discussing a past or future event, the ball has warped through time and is now there. So what do you do in a scene if the ball gets away from you? You either coax it back in, or you chase it.


LENGTH: 6 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Scenic, Dynamics, Development

Great theatre is made up of great moments. We don’t have the luxury of re-writes and planning in improv, but that doesn’t mean we can’t treat each moment on stage with importance and weight.

In this workshop, you will learn to give even your smallest moves the attention they deserve, read your scene partner’s subtlest offers, and fulfill the promises your scene choices make to the audience. Get out of your head and kickstart your new journey into delighting audiences and yourself with some surprisingly effective tips and techniques.

Poulpe Production

Brest, France


Actor. Improviser. Clown. Mime. Frenchman.
Morgan Mansouri first stepped into a theater when he was 9 years old, and has never left the stage. He studied theater and cinematography at school before going to Paris to study at the acting school Cours Florent, where he discover improv. He began to work in different classic theater companies as an actor, writer, and producer, while also exploring masks, dance, mime, song, video, clown and more.

In 2011, he began working in a professionnal improv team as an actor, producer and artistic director. His vast knowledge of performance and entertainment allows him to create a variety of shows and workshops to convey his vision of what is possible in improvisation. In 2017, wishing to emerge from the classical shackles of improvisation and wishing to take advantage of all his achievements, he founded a new multidisciplinary artistic group in France called POULPE PRODUCTION and presented original creations at different improv festivals.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Dynamics, Development

This workshop explores ways of using the human body as a tool for comedy and storytelling. Many shows have arrived at a stage where improvisers are only describing what they are doing without really playing it. In the search for comedy, it is easy to forget that body language is universal, and we can use our bodies to speak, instead of always relying on verbal language. This workshop will prove that it is not necessary to speak to be able to create stories, to transmit emotions, and connect with your audience.

In this workshop you will learn a variety of tricks and techniques from the world of mime and clowning, and show how they can be used to create realistic objects and environments on stage.



In everyday life, how do we do when we want to express ourselves without the possibility to speak?

This show uses the art of mime and body language instead of dialogue, presenting the audience with a variety of situations, real ones or not, where language is not possible.

Players will explores ways of using the human body as a tool for comedy and storytelling through aspects of mime, clown, and physicality, learning to use them to effectively play scenes together on stage without relying heavily on dialogue.


Tampere, Finland


Trent is the founder & producer of FiiF. He’s fully aware how weird it is to teach at his own festival.
Trent is an American who has been studying, performing and teaching improv for over 15 years. Armed with a BA in Theatre Arts from Kalamazoo College, Trent spent 4 years in the Chicago improv scene before moving to Tampere, where he teaches, produces and performs professionally though his company YesFinland. Since moving to Finland in 2010, Trent earned a second BA in International Media Production, and recently received an MA in Screenwriting.

The Founder and Artistic Director of the Finland International Improv Festival,Trent teaches improv classes weekly in Tampere, and constantly gives workshops throughout Finland and across the world. Trent’s approach to teaching and performing combines his Theatre background with his experiences from performing in Chicago, and adapts them to serve the European improv community. He is playful, energetic, and incredibly supportive in the classroom, on the stage, and at home.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Scenic, Development, Dynamics

There seems to be a lot of European eye-rolling at the idea of game-based improvisation. This workshop shines a light on the benefits of understanding game, and how we can use it in any kind of scene, and for any kind of show. There is a lot of value in identifying the patterns we create on stage, and using them to push our show forward.

This workshop combines a UCB-style approach to Game with a Chicago relationship-based approach to scene work. We’ll learn how to organically find the game of the scene, heighten it, and then spend time exploring the consequences of the world we just created together. We’ll then focus on how the rules of this world affect the characters living there, rather than abandoning that world in search of another game.



This ain’t your mama’s musical improv show.

Freestyle Improv is a high-energy show that combines Freestyle Rap & Improvised Comedy. This show mixes the kinetic energy of hip hop with the playful spirit of improv, blending them together with rap battles, beatboxing, and good old-fashioned improv scenes.

There is no experience in rap or musical improv necessary to join this ensemble. Players will learn everything they need to know to throw down a fat beat, spit some slick rhymes, and release the rhythm on stage to uproarious applause. And above all, they’ll learn how to fake it till they make it, because in hip hop, like in improv, it isn’t just what you say, it’s how you say it.

AZOT Impro Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey / Milano, Italy


Martina is the Coordinator of the Improwow Project, focusing on women & inclusion in Improvisation.

Martina has been professionally working with Improv for the past 7 years as a performer, teacher, and applied Improv coach. She is specialized in vocal improvisation and tours around Europe with her #improvvocal workshop. Martina is a part of the SABIR Mediterranean group, who work on socio-political Improv. She is also part of the Pandora Festival board and she is the Coordinator of Improwow Project – Women & Inclusion in Improvisation.

Martina has made her life all about Improv, using applied improvisation with corporations, NGOs, and schools. As a communications coach she works on interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, public speaking. She also has a special program for Women’s Empowerment: WonderFULL Women and one for teenagers: WonderFULL Teens. Martina is also a Life Coach through Drama and Improv in the IMI middle school in Istanbul, working as a support for teenagers and prevention on violence and bullying. Since 2013 she has been the director of Onar Istanbul, working to fight GBV and empower women.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional


ImproVVocal is a vocal journey about discovering your real voice, its colours, how to use it and the magic of using it to vocalimprovise stories in many different ways in your scenes.

The Vvoice is an instrument. When you can learn how to control it, you will be able to use it as a musical soundtrack, as well as an active and perceptive protagonist in your storytelling. In this workshop, voice, word and body become one, as we journey from Circle Singing to Improvised A Cappella Vocal Orchestra, and explore different uses of Music with Improv through spontaneous exploration of vocal/musical tools.


LENGTH: 3 Hours



Singing for dummies is meant to be a singing workshop for improvisers who are always scared or not comfortable to sing on the stage. I believe that the voice is the most powerful instrument we have to communicate and when we sing and free our real voice we can feel like superheroes expressing all our emotions and make all our improvisations sounds good.

When we improvise we may need to sing in a game, support some soloists, make some background music or even try a musical format! So if you want to learn some little tricks in order to sing in your improv shows without fear, be brave and come to work on it!



Improvvoicestra is an a cappella Long Form where improvisers not only perform scenes, but also create an orchestra of voices, enriching the storytelling techniques without the use of any musical instruments.

Players will learn how to find their real voice, its colours, how to use it and the magic of using it to vocalimprovise stories in many different ways in your scenes.

This show explores all the possibilities of acting, voice, and movement, for the perfect marriage between vocal improvisation and improvisational theater, because the power of the music is not just in being a soundtrack to improvisation, but its potential to make it the main focus and touch people’s souls.

RIOT – the Royal Improhonic Orchestra & Theatre

Leuven area, Belgium


Tom’s two passions are Musical Improv and Character-Driven Narrative.

Tom Tollenaere was introduced to improv in 1997 and got instantly hooked. He is the founder and artistic director of RIOT – the Royal Improphonic Orchestra & Theatre, specializing in musical long-form improv theatre, now celebrating its 11th year. As an improv musician Tom has accompanied players from over 20 different countries, and has also performed as dedicated musical director at several international festivals. As a director/performer he has over 1500 shows under his belt, in Belgium and all over Europe

Tom has been training and coaching improvisers since 1999. Today, he focuses on 2 key areas: Musical improv, where he teaches improvisers how to improvise songs, and incorporate music and song into improvised performances for both short-form and long-form, and Character-driven narrative, focusing mainly on long-form performances. As a teacher Tom takes students away from the ordinary here & now. He is a strong proponent of making bold character choices and a big fan of monologues. Tom writes extensively about improv theory on his blog and is a guest blogger or the Dutch He has also been editing & maintaining, the largest reference site devoted to improv, since 1999.



LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional


A well-performed song can really spice up an improv performance. However, even seasoned improvisers sometimes shy away from singing. In this workshop we focus on creating and performing improvised songs, and the good news is that anyone can do it! We will prove in this workshop that each of us has been so immersed in (western) pop music, that we all unconsciously know ‘the rules’ of pop music. This workshop will help you unlock this unconscious knowledge.

No prior musical improv experience is needed. You don’t need a good singing voice, you can be tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged. We’ll still make you sing (and shine). In this workshop you can expect to learn:
– What to sing about
– How to make a song stick
– How to create song structures
– How to create a variety of melody and rhythm
– When (not to) rhyme
– How and when to sing together in duets and group songs


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Character, Narrative, Dynamics

As improvisers we invent stories; with training we get good at that. But telling a story is merely stating facts in an ordered way. This workop explicitly steers us away from facts, and towards other elements that make a story great.

The first part of the workshop focuses on characters. If we know the driving force behind the character, then we already know how it will – logically – react to anything you throw at it. We work on offers that play into what the character does or does not want and a story will develop automatically.

The second part focuses on things that may not be true: opinions, suspicions, preconceptions, hunches, etc. We learn to offer these as gifts to our co-players. It is great fun to set up stuff purposely for your co-players to muck about with. These are great tools for any style of improv!


LENGTH: 3 Hours

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

CATEGORY: Character, Narrative

When exposition is done well, scenes tend to run effortlessly. But when it is not clear who the characters are, or when the dynamics between those characters are vague, scenes tend to suffer. This workshop focuses on the setup of scenes, and on creating tension between the characters.

You will learn about protagonists, antagonists & two types of sidekick characters. We will learn to identify our type of character while we are playing it, and learn to detect which additional types of characters might help or hinder the scene. The end result is scene setups that have instant tension, rather than instant trouble.

This is a very practical, hands-on workshop, in which you will get plenty of stage time. You can also expect a bit of solo workouts. Techniques covered are great fun to play with and can be applied to any type or style of improv.



This Musical Long Form is an exploration of a single suggestion that is interpreted through songs, scenes, and perhaps even choreography.

In rehearsal we will first focus on creating & performing improvised songs, which is something we can all do! We will prove in this ensemble that each of us has been so immersed in (western) pop music, that we all unconsciously know ‘the rules’ of pop music, and we will unlock this unconscious knowledge.

Once everyone is comfortable with the singing part, we work on the structure of the format, including opening and closing numbers.
There is no musical experience needed for this Ensemble, and players don’t even need a good singing voice! You can be tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged, and we’ll still make you sing. And shine.