Here are the very much unanticipated highlights of the fourth and final day of FiiF2018.

Looks like this “Intro to Improvised signing” went fabulously well.

Not all workshops involve movement. Discussion is also crucial when studying “Intro to improvised plays”.

Martina Pavone teaching her students how to use the power of their voice in “Singing for Dummies”.

The team rehearsing for the ensemble “Freestyle”. Trent Pancy giving the rhythm with his mad beatboxing skills.

We got powerful women right here!

Crazy skills spectacles at the lobby of the theatre.

IMP, a Helsinki based team, took over the stage and dived into the dreamworld.

Pat & Misch offer a cathartic one act musical based on the break up story from a audience member. Simply brilliant!

The ensemble “Pixar” was a touching performance with main protagonists the unexpected: poop, rubber ducks and lab equipment.

Headliner show for the final day was a brilliant performance by the FiiF2018 instructors.

The final moments of FiiF are always emotional. And so the time came again this year for smiles and tears, applause and hugs.