Day 1 of FiiF2018 was a strong day!
Our players learnt new tricks at workshops and rehearsed for unique ensembles with the guidelines of our awesome instructors!
The day continued with performances by improvisers from around the world and the party moved to O’Connell’s for the Off-stage and socializing.

Here are some highlights from 14 June 2018 in FiiF2018.

Tom Tollenaere gives instructions to his students at Protagonists, Antagonists and Sidekicks workshop.

Sensing for Dummies by Laura Doorneweerd

Players exploring emotions at Kiki Hohnen’s Improv & Psychology.

1st day of rehearsals for the ensemble Decibel, directed by Morgan Mansouri.

Remember to pose for your portrait every day before the show begins, just like Tom Tollenaere did.
You can later on bring out your phones for selfies, and don’t forget to use our hashtag #FiiF2018 to get your picture featured in the lobby.

The ensemble Parallel is an unusual, movement-driven long-form where all players are on stage the entire show, using the entire space. Directed by Nick Byrne

Improvvoicestra is an a cappella Long Form where improvisers not only perform scenes, but also create an orchestra of voices, enriching the storytelling techniques without the use of any musical instruments. Directed by Martina Pavone

The first headliner for FiiF2018 was The Fraltons. Inspired by the famous Daltons they create a Wild West universe where clowning, mime and 4 French Bandits combine together with devastating humor!