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FiiF2020 COVID



Hello dear friends. I hope you’re all doing well, and that you’re staying safe and healthy. While we are safely sheltered in place in Finland, it is with a heavy heart that I must write this message.

In what I am sure will come as no surprise, we have made the difficult decision to cancel FiiF2020 due to the Global Pandemic. While official policies in Finland have not yet forced us to make this decision, we care deeply for the safety of our community of improvisers around the world, and have made the decision to cancel as a preventative measure, hoping to ease any excess mental burden or financial strain, during this troubling and trying time around the world. 

Please know that we are truly sorry. While we know that everyone is understanding of the situation, it still saddens us to not be able to have you here. We do not yet know if we will have FiiF2021, or when the next FiiF will be. We will keep you all posted, and reach out again to invite you to participate in whatever happens next.



This has been an incredibly delicate and difficult area for us to consider. We understand that this is a challenging time financially for many people, and that you are concerned about the money you have paid to participate in FiiF2020. While we officially have a no-refund policy for FiiF Workshops & Player Passes, we have crafted what we believe to be a fair and reasonable refund policy for your Workshops and Player Passes.

We will refund 100% of your workshop & ensemble fees.

PLAYER PASSES | 90% Refunds
We will refund 90% of the cost of your Player Pass. As difficult as this is for us, we are not able to offer full refunds for any participants, as a percentage of the money has already gone to paying for transaction fees, administrative costs, and other operational expenses.

Keeping 10% of your player pass fee not only helps Finland Improv Ry (the association behind FiiF) from going bankrupt, but it helps to provide a nominal payment for our producers for the work they’ve already put in to creating the festival for you all.

Like many of you, our producers are freelancers and improvisers who are relying on the income from the festival to help see them through these financially viable times. If you would like to donate a larger portion of your refund to support our production team, you will have that option. This is 100% optional. We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, and do not want anyone to feel obligated to support in any way beyond the 10% we have already withheld from the refunds.


Please fill the form available on this page for us to be able to be process your refund.

We ask you to please fill it out to claim your refund by 11th of May 2020, so we can get things taken care of swiftly. We will handle your claims in the order they are received, and contact you if we need any additional information from you.

While we have had to cancel, we still hope to be able to offer some type of supplemental FiiF experience, to provide added value wherever possible. While we are still trying to make arrangements for these, we do plan a FiiF2020 Zoom hang out (time TBD), which we would love you to be a part of. We’ll let you know when we set a time for this.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during all of this. It’s a pretty shitty situation all around, and we hope you’re somehow able to make the best of it wherever you are. Thank you all so much for being a part of this international improv community. I’m so sorry we won’t be seeing you this June.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay home.
– Trent & The FiiF2020 Crew


Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

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