Patti Stiles is an inspirational legend of improvisation on stage and off.

We chatted with Patti Stiles, the world famous Canadian-turned-Australian improv guru, about her upcoming trip to Tampere for the Finland International Improv Festival. Here’s what she had to say!

Have you ever been to Finland?

Not yet but I am excited.

I want to meet the Moomins. I believe they tell me all I need to know about Finnish people.

Do Little My and Snufkin have an impro duo? I’d like to see that.

You're performing your Duo "Our Play" as Thursday night's headlining act. What can the audience expect?

It is hard to say what someone should expect when you are making it up. Although I hope people will have an enjoyable experience watching the world Joe and I will create and the story we tell.

I love playing with Joe. He challenges me and brings me joy. Many people feel that a student of Keith Johnstone might not be able to work with a student of Del Close because the teachings are different.

Are they? Can we? Lets see?

Patti Stiles & Joe Bill perform “OUR PLAY” on Thursday, June 15th.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I don’t know, they are hiding.

What workshops are you bringing to FiiF this year?

This year I’ll be teaching Gender/Genre, Gifts to Inspire your Partner, and Teaching the Teacher. I’m also coaching an Ensemble in the format “Make Me”, which puts the players at the mercy of their teammates as they ask for an offer, a challenge, or anything else for their scene. It should be really fun!

What's your favorite Improv / Theatre book?

Impro – Improvisation and the Theatre by Keith Johnstone.

It was my first inspiration.

What do Finns not know about Australia that they should?

That koalas are not bears…

What do you do when you're not improvising?

I love to garden, drink wine with my husband, play board games, follow my rock star niece’s (Kobra Paige) career and spend time with my God Daughter Ivy.

Thanks so much! Is there anything else you're looking forward to about #FiiF2017?

I’m excited to be there and just take the experience as it is.

We couldn’t be more excited about Patti joining us for the 2017 Finland International Improv Festival!

Her workshops have all sold out, but there are still 1-Day Passes available for Thursday night when Patti will be on stage with Joe Bill in her duo OUR PLAY!   And of course, you can buy your 4-Day Pass to get access to all the wonderful shows at this year’s Festival, including Saturday night, where you can see Patti perform with all the other FiiF Instructors in the INSTRUCTOR SHOWCASE

Be sure you don’t miss this chance to see Patti Stiles, and all the other wonderful performers in action! Get your tickets for the Festival HERE!

The 6th Annual Finland International Improv Festival takes place June 14-17th in Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri.