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Hello, it’s Emily here! I am a first-time producer for FiiF, and new to the world of improvisation! I always kind of knew what improv was– I went to the shows hosted by JadaJada quite often, maybe watched a YouTube clip here or there… But never like this.

Through going to shows by JadaJada and the improvAcademy, I learned that here in Tampere lived another Michigander! Back in January, I contacted Trent and he told me all about FiiF. From there I jumped in head first… I signed on as an intern and producer, joined an improv class, and began my journey.

Fast forward to today, and I am in my second improv class and loving it more and more! Helping to produce FiiF has helped me to learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into bringing an amazing festival together. It is a lot of coordinating, planning, communicating.. But it feels good to kind of see it building up and little by little growing into something bigger. Finding partners, revealing instructors and teams, and giving presentations about the festival have felt like we are adding ingredients of a recipe and soon will have the final result. Each of the producers has their own contributions, and in the end it will be layer upon layer of hard work and fun!

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The team that we have is so dedicated and it is an honor to be a part of it! Hearing about the past years of FiiF, I have seen that it really is so close to the long-term producers. Year after year, they have gradually built from a strong base of improv a festival that embraces the improv community and brings people from all around the world together. Looking at the pictures, hearing about the shows, and listening to all the stories has only made me more excited for May 31st. I’m ready for FiiF2016!

If you want to follow my progress in the improvAcademy and in the world of improv, check out my blog here!

 – Emily Barber, Producer