Every Year We Are Joined By Dozens of Improvisers From Around The World

The great thing about an International Improv Festival is that you get to meet Improvisers from all across the world.

Every year dozens of men and women visit Tampere during FiiF to take part in Shows, participate in Workshops, and hang out with each other. While these players vary in experience level and training, they all bring their own culture of Improvisation with them to FiiF. We asked some of the Players coming to this year’s Festival to tell us a bit about themselves. Here’s what they had to say:

Have you ever been to Finland?

I haven’t been to Finland before because this is the first time I sought to explore improv outside of India on my own and FiiF was the earliest one that sprang up in my search.

What do you expect from Finland?

I expect talented, smart and humorous and outgoing people in Finland.

What excites you about improv in India?

I currently have moved to the city of Bangalore in India. What I love about the improv scene in this city is that it is still being moulded and me and my group have the potential to mould the perception of improv the way improv is supposed to be performed.

NASIR - Bangalore, India - FiiF Guest

NASIR - Bangalore, India - FiiF Guest

RAHEL - Tallinn, Estonia - FiiF Player

RAHEL - Tallinn, Estonia - FiiF Player

You've been to FiiF a few times. What are you looking forward to at FiiF2017?

I’m really excited to meet old and new friends and share moments that turn into sweet memories to talk about later on ūüôā and let’s say that expectations are not low.. (no pressure..)

What is it that brings you back so often?

FIIF has this extraordinary way of making it all happen. When you’re in it, there are too many things happening to comprehend it, but afterwards you understand that you did learn new things at workshops, saw great shows, but also had time to chat with brilliant people from all over the world, have small adventures, go to sauna, find out something about Tampere and Finland but at the same time feel like completely at home. It’s like FiiF manages to capture 48 hours into a day. Magical I say!

What do you know about Finland?

I draw all my knowledge about Finnish culture from Kaurism√§ki’s workers’ trilogy: “Varjoja Paratiisissa”, “Ariel”, “Tulitikkutehtaan tytt√∂”.

What is happening in the Berlin improv scene?

The Berlin scene has been growing rapidly within the last six years. It’s becoming more international. Also, there’s a larger variety of improvisational concepts and understanding of the art.

Tell us about your show!

Our format explores the depth of a relationship between two strangers. Maybe we should rename it “The Kaurism√§ki” format.

DAN - Berlin, Germany, - Team Player w/ Foxy Freestyle

DAN - Berlin, Germany, - Team Player w/ Foxy Freestyle

REBECCA - London, England - FiiF Player

REBECCA - London, England - FiiF Player

Have you ever met a Finnish person?

I know one Finnish person (token Finnish Friend?!) and she’s so rad!! We met doing English improv in Munich, Germany. I would expect Finnish people to be very friendly and welcoming. Oh, culturally I hear they LOVE their saunas! Like….they have their own in their homes. Odd to me but normal to them. So cool!

This is your first time at FiiF. What are you most looking forward to?

I’m super excited to be an ensemble player and to have this amazing opportunity to perform what we learn. Funnily enough, both my instructors are also from London so it’s pretty cool to hopefully carry over what they teach at FiiF into some potential workshops later down the road in London. And my friends from Bake This are performing so I am beyond thrilled to see them perform on this international stage. So rad!!!

FiiF Regulars

Each year we have a handful of returning participants (I guess we must be doing something right!). We checked in with some of our FiiF Regulars to find out what they’re excited about for FiiF2017!

HARRI - Finland

3-Time FiiF Participant

The warmth of improv people all over the world!

JANNE - Finland

5-Time FiiF Participant

To have tons of fun and to play with as many new people as possible!

ANDO - Estonia

6-Time FiiF Participant

I want to see musical improv performed.


FiiF was founded specifically to provide a place for these people to come together. We hope you’ll join them as well!

You can come see these what everyone here is so excited aboutby purchasing a 4-Day Pass to experience everything right alongside them! Or come for a single day by purchasing a 1-Day Pass for any night of the festival! 

We also have an incredible line up of World Class Headliners performing every night, so be sure you get your tickets for the Festival HERE!


The 6th Annual Finland International Improv Festival takes place June 14-17th in Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri.