Joe Bill is the one of the most anticipated improv performers around the globe. 

We chatted with Joe Bill, the legendary improviser and teacher from iO Chicago, about his stay at the Finland International Improv Festival. Here’s what he had to say!


You have been to Finland 2 years ago. What do you know about the Finnish culture?


Very long words, warmth in a punk rock kind of way, sauna and vodka.


What else do you do than improvising?


Scheduling tours, raising a daughter, Spring Cleaning and looking forward to never finishing writing my book.


What workshops are you bringing to FiiF this year?


I’m teaching “The First 30 Seconds” and “Emotional and Psychological Content”. I also teach “Cliff notes on American Longform”, where I can spread all the knowledge I have gathered about longform improv over the past decades. The workshop is really to cater the participants. I will teach them what ever they need; I will answer their questions, we can practice a format or I can help them set up a format, for example.

In addition, I will direct an Ensamble Show “Make me”, which will be played with the compelling harmonies between different languages and cultures and celebrate the connectedness as improvisers and human beings.


What's exciting about the improv scene in Chicago?


It so big that improvisers from other places come to visit, see shows and study. That helps me keep in touch with friends from other countries.


What do Finns not know about the USA that they should?


At lease half of our country is embarrassed by our president…seriously!


Patti Stiles & Joe Bill perform “OUR PLAY” on Thursday, June 15th.


We saw your brilliant Duo "SCRAM"!" with Jill Bernard on Wednesday night. How would you describe the show yourself?


It’s theatrical and difficult but not impossible to execute, my partner is one of the very most fun people in the world to play with!

The audience can expect enchantment, laughter, the unexpected and a one of a kind experience.

You're performing your Duo "Our Play" as Thursday night's headlining act. What do you like the most about the show?


The best thing is, I don’t know myself what will happen. Patti and I will decide just before the show what we will do.


Thanks so much! Is there anything else you're looking forward to about #FiiF2017?



We couldn’t be more excited about Joe joining us for the 2017 Finland International Improv Festival!

All other Joe’s workshops are sold out, but there are still places available in his Saturday afternoon workshop “Cliffnotes on American Longform Improv“. 1-Day Passes are still available for Thursday night (at the door), where Joe will perform his duo “Our Play” with Patti Stiles; and for Saturday night, where you can see Joe perform with all the other FiiF Instructors in the INSTRUCTOR SHOWCASEAnd of course, you can buy your 4-Day Pass to get access to all the wonderful shows at this year’s Festival!

Be sure you don’t miss this chance to see Joe Bill, and all the other wonderful performers in action! Get your tickets for the Festival HERE!



The 6th Annual Finland International Improv Festival takes place June 14-17th in Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri.