It was in April 2015 when I heard from a dear friend of mine about Finland International Improv Festival. On that moment, I decided I wanted to be part of FiiF and my goal was to capture its precious moments. I was the girl who was holding a photography camera and observing the extraordinary workshops during the day and the hilarious shows during the night. Here is a pick from few of our valuable memories.

I was lucky enough to walk through the workshops and I had the pleasure to photograph many world-class improv instructors, such as Joe Bill, Lee White, Inbal Lori, Paolo Busi, Christian Capozzoli, Heather Urquhart and last but not least Trent Pancy. The enthusiastic students were kind enough to let me get close and capture their excitement while they were listening, acting, singing and hiding behind incredible masks.

Participants were paying close attention to Joe Bills wise words

image03…while other workshop classes welcomed me with acting…
image00… and even mask work.

After the workshops, I had the pleasure to fulfill my day by following and capturing extremely amusing moments that were performed on the theatre stage. During the evening shows participants from the workshops and instructors transformed into performers.

image06The performers created captivating characters…



image01…and with the greatest way they presented us original and astonishing stories.


The stage was filled with a range of emotions, such as excitement…


… and romance.

We saw action…

..thrilling moments….


… intriguing storylines…
image14… and surprises. All scenes were made even more exciting by piano music played by the talented Joe Samuel.

FiiF 2015 was filled with great Improvising…
image17…breathtaking stories and remarkable people.

We laughed and we created amazing memories that will stay in our hearts. It felt like we all belonged to a big family, shared common feeling and experiences during the Fiif 2015.
I can’t wait to see what memories we are about to create this year to the FiiF 2016!

– Evangelia Kritikos, Photographer FiiF2015 & Production Manager FiiF2016