This year’s festival includes 3 Finnish Teams, 12 International Teams and 10 Ensemble shows! 

FiiF was founded with the intention of bringing some of the most dynamic and diverse Improv teams to perform in Tampere. This year, we’ve really outdone ourselves!

Each year, dozens of hopeful Improv Teams apply to perform at the Finland International Improv Festival. While we can’t take them all, we try to make sure we have a wide array of teams with varying performance styles, improv backgrounds, and cultural influences. This year, we’ve managed to put together a line up of groups who will proudly provide us a glimpse into what Improv is in their part of the world.

At FiiF2017 we will bear witness to Improvised Musicals, Love Stories, Black Comedy, and some of the finest Improv the world has to offer. Here is a taste of what some of them had to say about being selected to perform at this year’s Festival.



Friday Night Headliners

Tell us about your show Happily Never After.

Happily Never After is an Improvised Musical inspired by Tim Burton. The Maydays have been together for 13 years, and we have been performing the show for the past couple of years and it just keeps getting better. With each iteration we get more excited about it!

We hope the audience will be both elated and creeped-out.

The Maydays perform at Festivals around the world. Where have you been recently?

We love to perform Internationally. Recently we’ve performed at The Barcelona Improv Festival, Improfest Ireland, Espontaneo in Portugal, and all throughout the UK and the USA.

What should Finns know about the UK that they may not already know?

The countryside is beautiful. Go visit Scotland or Wales, or Cornwall or the Lake District.


Wednesday – Act Two

Your shows are full of Mime, Clownery, and Physicality. What else can the audience expect?

Decibel is a speechless and musical improv show, with only the body’s universality. We are two French Guys with a Finnish girl. We will show that everybody can understand everybody, without any words!

What do you want Finns to come away with from Decibel?

How to show feelings without any words. And what do I hope they gain? To use their face and to shut up on stage ! In everyday life, we do not describe our emotions, we expresses them!

Some of your performers have been to FiiF Before. What are you looking forward to this year?

FiiF is great. We hope to meet old and new friends. But what we want more is to live the endless nights!

What else do you know about Finland?

Finnish has a lot of words just to speak about “mud”, and Norway trolled them by making them believe that they were going to give them a mountain…but finally not.

And for Finnish people,  they’re the reverse of French people. We can be tactile but not naked in front of everybody. And wherever you are, you can hear a French, they’re always complaining, Finnish are more quiet.

BAKE THIS – Munich

Thursday – Act One

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Bake This was formed in 2011. Our first rehearsal space was a bakery named Brotraum, hence our name. We have a lot of Ex-Pats in our group, and we are Munich’s first English Language Improv Group.

You are performing an Improvised Musical called "Alternative Facts". What's that about?

Alternative Facts is a parody of the idea of Fake News, which is something we are fascinated with. We perform remarkable, never-before-discussed “truths” delivered in song and dance.

We like making jokes out of things that scare us, and we are excited to bring this show to FiiF2017 because “alternative facts” are screamed in our faces on a daily basis, so it couldn’t be more current.

What are you looking forward to at FiiF2017?

Two members of Bake This participated in FiiF2016. We are excited for the rest of our team to experience FiiF for the first time, and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Munich has an Improv Festival in November, isn't that right?


It’s called IMPROVEMBER and we are hosting it for the 2nd time. We’ll have over 100 participants join us in Munich from November 2-5, 2017!

You should come and check it out!

More FiiF Teams

We have so many teams coming this year, it is impossible to showcase them all here. Here are just a few more you should know about!


Every night of FiiF we have a special showcase of Festival Ensembles – Teams of International Improvisers who spend FiiF Week rehearsing a format with one of our Instructors.


Friday – Act One

Improvised Romantic Comedy

Snorkkeli has played in Finnish festivals but not internationally. Snorkkeli won Finland’s Improvisation Championship Title in 2015.

This is their first time performing in FiiF.


Wednesday, Act Two

One-Man Musical Improv

I love performing “Phil Lunn Is…”. It’s always a challenge, but it’s very satisfying to really explore a character. Every time I do it with a new audience, particularly with an audience in a different country, I learn something new about the show.


FiiF is hands down the best place to see Improv from around the world in Finland. 

You can come see these what everyone here is so excited aboutby purchasing a 4-Day Pass to experience everything right alongside them! Or come for a single day by purchasing a 1-Day Pass for any night of the festival! 

We also have an incredible line up of World Class Headliners performing every night, so be sure you get your tickets for the Festival HERE!


The 6th Annual Finland International Improv Festival takes place June 14-17th in Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri.