Welcome to the 3rd Annual Finland International Improv Festival!

FiiF 3 - June 3 - 8, 2014 - Tampere, Finland

FiiF 3!!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Finland International Improv Festival!

The 2014 FiiF is going to be great! How do we know? Because you're going to make it great!

Soon we will begin our search for Improv teams and Workshop Instructors to join us in Tampere in June, 2014! We will be offering teams and instructors as much stage time as we can!

Your team can't make it? Then don't worry! We are also going to reserve a handful of spots in the festival for individuals and non-performing teams!

There is a lot of information on its way! Whatever you do, make sure you clear your schedule in June for "the best, most surprising festival in Europe!"


FiiF is known for bringing a great variety of improv shows to Finland. We seek out teams from around the world who offer a unique experience for our audiences! We will open the application process for teams soon, so check back often! And follow us on Facebook if you are a team looking to apply!


Each year FiiF brings a new collection of fantastic improv instructors together from around the world. All of our workshops are open to the public and are aimed for all experience levels. If you are interested in applying to be a workshop instructor at the 2014 FiiF then STAY TUNED!! We’ll be announcing the application process soon!!


The FiiF is a place for global improvisers to gather together and have a lot of fun. The FiiF creates a great atmosphere in which to network, laugh and play together. From our Ceremonial Sauna Evenings, to nights on the town, FiiF is proud of its community of international improvisers. This year we hope to find a way to include more individuals in our festival as well!